Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coping with fear and anxiety

Fear and Anxiety are the two side of the same coin. Fear is the main reason for any person to have an anxiety problem. It is not easy to live with fear and anxiety. You can get anxiety attacks in a large number of ways. Some have anxiety attacks in social scenarios and for others it may be something completely different. You have to learn to deal with your fear and anxiety if you want to live a happy and meaningful life.

People can take care of their anxiety problem in a large number of ways. Medication is the most preferred method to deal with anxiety disorder. Though majority of people can be successful in dealing with anxiety in this way, but there are a lot of permanent harmful effects this way has on your body. The effects are so bad that it is not a god idea to deal with anxiety this way. These side effects can be anything from mild to severe.  Suicidal thoughts are the most severe side effects of medications to deal with anxiety. These thoughts will make you live in fear and are very scary if you live alone. So it is not advisable to use medication to deal with anxiety disorder. There are far easier and healthier approaches to make your life easy by dealing with anxiety

The beginning of anxiety is a single thought or fear in the brain. You need to learn to recognize these triggers and try your best to suppress them .this would significantly reduce your anxiety attacks.You can also eat a healthy balanced diet to deal with anxiety disorders as vitamins and minerals present in your diet can help your mind to be healthier.

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